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District Cutlery Knives

EDC Knife Club Membership

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Online Price $20.00
$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Item purchased will look different than item pictured due to variations in materials.

District Cutlery is pleased to announce a new service for our customers: The EDC Knife Club.
EDC is the common abbreviation for "every day carry." EDC knives are commonly carried for security and emergency situations, but most often used for opening packages. EDC Knife Club offers members the opportunity to try a different, high-end EDC knife every month for a low monthly membership fee of $25. Members also enjoy other perks such as discounts on District Cutlery's other products and services. Future perks include access to limited edition knives, inventory drop parties & more.

Reasons to join EDC Knife Club:
- Take home a sweet knife today for as low as $20/month
- Access to premium brands such as Benchmade, Pro-Tech, ZT & more
- Try out a different knife, freshly sharpened, every month
- Discounts on District Cutlery's products and services
- Access to limited edition releases
- Discounted replacement costs
- No long-term commitments
How it works:
Visit our store in DC to sign up and select your first knife.
Register a credit card on file for monthly membership and replacement cost*
Come back in a month or so to select another knife or get the one you currently carry re-sharpened.
Enjoy up to 11 knife swaps per year
Are you telling me I can walk out of your store with a $300 knife for only $25!?
Yes! We figured out how to make this work without going bankrupt.
What if I lose a knife?
We understand ccidents happen and you will not lose your membership. We will discount the cost of replacement and charge your card approximately 30% less than retail price of a new knife. Replacement costs are published on the EDC Knife Club inventory list.
What happens if I damage a knife?
We are fully capable of repairing most blade damage and all mechanical functions are covered by manufacturers warranty service.
I don't live near DC, can I join the club?
Sure! We are working on establishing a cost-effective mail service for the club, but for now members are welcome to pay shipping costs to enjoy the benefits of membership.
Can I choose the knife I want or do you choose for me?
When you visit our store to sign up you can choose from the available club inventory.