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Are Hand-Forged Kitchen Knives Better?

Posted by Derek Swanson and ChatGPT on 26th Jan 2023

Hand-forged kitchen knives can be considered better in certain aspects, but it depends on what you are looking for in a knife. Here are a few things to consider:Quality and durability: Hand-forged kni … read more
Japanese Lacquer Handles

Japanese Lacquer Handles

Posted by Derek Swanson on 25th Oct 2022

The application of Japanese lacquer has long been a way to make low-cost "ho" wood handles more attractive while keeping the price down. We recently imported some Japanese Shirogami steel kitchen kniv … read more
Gyuto Rhymes With Pluto

Gyuto Rhymes With Pluto

Posted by Derek on 23rd Sep 2022

Gyuto rhymes with Pluto, our second favorite planet. Lots of English language speakers ask us how to pronounce the name of the most popular Japanese kitchen knife. They often misplace the "O" and the … read more

Mail-in Sharpening Services

Posted by Derek on 7th Mar 2022

Purchasing a new knife from District Cutlery is now a great opportunity to get your other knives sharpened, Getting a new knife usually makes our customers realize how dull their other knives hav … read more