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Fujiwara Knives

Teruyasu Fujiwara Regrind Service

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Due to the overwhelming demand to make perfectly good knives even better, we offer our Teruyasu Fujiwara knife cosmetic regrind service.

For the low price of $80 we will erase all of those nasty things you've read about TF knives on Reddit and other forums. 

Wabi sabi? We don't need no stinking wabi sabi!

Knives pictured in the listing are Fujiwara Denka santokus, but this service is available for all TF knives. Can you tell the difference between the two knives pictured? We bet you can!

WE WILL NOT CHANGE THE SHAPE OF THE EDGE PROFILE WITH THIS SERVICE. Anyone who recommends doing that is wrong and likely misunderstands how knives are made.

Dear Fujiwara san, we mean no disrespect to you with this service. Many consumers are misguided by advice on the internet.

Check out this post about our TF regrind service on KKF: 

Recommended for experienced users.

The best sharpening tools for Japanese knives are leather strops and fine whetstones.

Japanese chef knives are brittle and are designed for cutting soft tissue foods. High Carbon steel chef knives can rust if not kept dry.